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Hijacked journals

I received a solicitation to submit a manuscript to the Wulfenia journal today. Since I hadn’t heard of this title before, I looked it up and found the following (warning that it is a legitimate journal from an Austrian botanical garden with a fake website): Wulfenia (ISSN: 1561-882X ) is actually an old news on hijacked journals.  Similar […]

Archiving posts Google forced to obscure in EU countries

From Sophos Naked Security comes this July 16, 2014 article by Lisa Vaas titled: “‘Hidden from Google’ site remembers the pages Google’s forced to forget.” So European Union courts have forced Google to forget certain people’s irrelevant or outdated online histories. Within days of the court order going into effect, EU citizens were mobbing Google with […]

LibraryBox 2.0

More on the successfully Kickstarted LibraryBox project releasing as v. 2.0 (public beta) in March 2014. LibraryBox is designed to enable the distribution of digital information to areas with little or no Internet access, even off the grid. It does so using open source software and very inexpensive hardware, allowing the distribution of LibraryBox hardware at […]

African concept car: SMATI Turtle 1

From the Set Up Shop site (most content in Dutch) comes an African concept car made from scrap parts in Ghana: The car is ready for export! The final testdrive is to the capital Accra. 250 KM, 12 roadblocks and many dustroads ahead. After nine weeks we develloped an African car from scratch; the SMATI TURTLE […]

Togolese hacker makes 3-D printers from electronic waste

From bOING bOING: Afate is a Togolese hacker who uses the WoeLab makerspace in Lome, Togo (the first makerspace in west Africa). He’s invented a 3D printer made out of the ewaste that is piled high in neighborhood-sized ewaste dumps in Agbogbloshie, near Accra, Ghana. He’s raised money on Ulule to standardize the printer, called […]