Hijacked journals

I received a solicitation to submit a manuscript to the Wulfenia journal today. Since I hadn’t heard of this title before, I looked it up and found the following (warning that it is a legitimate journal from an Austrian botanical garden with a fake website):

Wulfenia (ISSN: 1561-882X ) is actually an old news on hijacked journals.  Similar to the hijacking of the Archives des Sciences journal, I was the first person who identified this fake in 2012.  This hijacking was different from the first one in that the legitimate journal did not have an online presence; it was a print-only journal. This is the fake website URL: http://www.multidisciplinarywulfenia.org. The importance of the hijacking of this journal is that the Vulfenia Journal was hijacked by the same person who had hijacked Archives des Sciences earlier. I should add that [there is] no valid link from Thomson Reuters to the authentic website (last visit on June.12.2014).

Legitimate journal: http://www.landesmuseum.ktn.gv.at/210226w_DE.htm?seite=15

And three counterfeit websites [emphasis added] detected for this journal hijacking so far:




The legitimate website indicates: “Mitteilungen des Kärntner Botanikzentrums Klagenfurt Wulfenia, a scientific journal of the Regional Museum of Carinthia (Austria), is an internationally recognized journal. It is published annually accepting original research studies on plant biology with focus on systematics, taxonomy, floristics, morphology, chorology, vegetation science and paleobotany. Papers must be of interest to a wide audience of plant scientists.”

With thanks to Mehrdad Jalalian, who has more stories on hacked journals here. See more on the Wulfenia case here: http://journalology.blogspot.com/2012/09/will-real-wulfenia-journal-please-stand.html where the author published a response from the legitimate journal editor:

Roland K. Eberwein, Editor-in-Chief of Wulfenia Journal emailed me last week to say that “The site http://www.wulfeniajournal.com is a criminal site too!”. Wulfenia, as it turns out, is an annual print journal in botany. As the real Wulfenia notes on its website:

The websites http://www.wulfeniajournal.at and http://www.wulfeniajournal.com ARE NOT the official websites of the journal “Wulfenia: Mitteilungen des Kärntner Botanikzentrums” published by the Regional Museum of Carinthia. Both websites criminally usurp the identity of the official journal. They fraudulently use false informations, a false editorial board and false publication requirements to encourage authors to submit articles and to transfer page fees to a bank account in Yerevan (Armenia). The Regional Museum of Carinthia is not liable for any offence undergone by potential authors who would have submitted articles via the websites mentioned above. Download of articles from these websites which were published in the official journal Wulfenia is illegal. [The author further notes…] Jeffrey Beall has also written about this and he notes that print journal Archives des Sciences has also been hijacked.

Be careful out there!

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