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Mobile technology to fix hand pumps in Africa

An Oxford University research and development project uses mobile technology to monitor the functioning of rural hand pumps to maintain clean water supplies and support good health in African villages. An open access pre-publication draft of the full article, “GSM-enabled remote monitoring of rural handpumps: a proof-of-concept study” is available online.

Academic journal and open access publishing costs

Here’s an interesting and fruitful contribution from Christopher Kelty in the anthropology blog Savage minds: “How much does publishing really cost? The Long Answer.” It’s an opinion (and factual/informative essay) piece on academic journal publishing from a publisher in response to a recent Guardian article by the editor-in-chief of the journal Nature, Philip Campbell.

Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary Project

This archival project at UCLA Library‘s Digital Library has much to offer in the spirit of scholarly open access: The publication of Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary: A Multispectral Critical Edition reveals for the first time the original record of a remarkable and traumatic period in the life of David Livingstone, the celebrated British abolitionist, missionary, […]

MLA Journals Adopt New Open-Access-Friendly Author Agreements

From the Modern Language Association blog (with thanks to Miriam of Ohio State U.): MLA Journals Adopt New Open-Access-Friendly Author Agreements The journals of the Modern Language Association, including PMLA, Profession, and the ADE and ADFL bulletins, have adopted new open-access-friendly author agreements, which will go into use with their next full issues. The revised […]

Africa Past and Present, Episode 64

Episode 64 of Africa Past & Present — the podcast about African history, culture, and politics — is now available at: In this show, Peter Limb (Michigan State University) on the life and writings of Dr. Alfred Bitini Xuma, President-General of the African National Congress (1940-49) and first black physician in Johannesburg. Limb discusses […]

Mali Crisis Resources (from ASA News)

ASA News 43.2 Mali Crisis Resources May 28, 2012 Mali experienced a coup in late March, followed quickly by a declaration of independence by MNLA rebels in the country’s north. As the country’s future remains uncertain, many academic specialists on Mali and the region are offering useful analyses: The African Arguments blog (a joint project […]

Down and out in the mp3 market

The sahelsounds blog includes several detaild and interesting posts on a market for mp3 song files in Nouackchott, Mauritania: Down and out in the mp3 market. Meanwhile, the 3bute blog has picked up these stories and created a web comic based on them: “3bute is devoted to writing that grapples with the question of African modernity, […]