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Bob Campbell’s Historic Mountain Gorilla Photographs at Karisoke, Rwanda

Take a look at the UF Smathers Libraries Special and Area Studies Collections blog entry in support of current Florida Museum exhibit. It has been a great collaboration: Bob Campbell’s Historic Mountain Gorilla Photographs at Karisoke, Rwanda.

White rhino conservation in South Africa

Zoliswa “Zoe” Nhleko gave up a great job at home, enrolling in UF’s IFAS Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department http://www.wec.ufl.edu/about/overview.php to study what triggers White Rhinos infrequent but long migrations at Kruger National Park: https://spark.adobe.com/page/3eRsZis2x0YKx/ “They stay in an area for a long time, then seem to just pack up and move great distances before […]

Map shows smuggling route for poached ivory

An interactive map illustrates how ivory poaching and smuggling (in this case) from the Central African Republic to Sudan supports the violent campaigns of terror groups like the Lord’s Resistance Army. “National Geographic commissioned the creation of artificial tusks with hidden GPS trackers that were planted in the smuggling supply chain.” Read more in the article […]

Saving Africa’s Giants: Targeting Chinese ivory, rhino horn consumption

From the moving story today on NPR’s Morning Edition: “Retired NBA player Yao Ming has embarked on a mission to stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos in Africa. Yao stars in the Animal Planet documentary Saving Africa’s Giants With Yao Ming.” Yao is working with the WildAid organization’s anti-poaching campaign to target the consumption of […]

Why let people pay to kill endangered species?

A single Namibian Black Rhino hunting permit was sold by auction for $350,000 in Dallas, Texas (USA) this week. “Killing one older male rhino who’s no longer able to breed, the club says, will benefit the rest of the herd. That’s because older males often remain territorial and sometimes kill younger male rhinos.” A CNN report states that […]