Monthly Archives: March 2014

Ethiopia: model of modern surveillance state?

From bOING bOING‘s Cory Doctorow: “They Know Everything We Do”, a new, exhaustive report from Human Rights Watch, details the way the young state of modern Ethiopia has become a kind of pilot program for the abuse of “off-the-shelf” surveillance, availing itself of commercial products from the US, the UK, France, Italy and China in […]

Free workshop resources: finding African scholarship online

Ernesto Priego, a library colleague who recently attended the “Discoverability of African Scholarship Online,” has generously offered to share his files from the workshop. He’s shared the content with a Creative Commons attribution license. The event took place in Nairobi, Kenya on 10-11 March, 2014 and was organised by the OpenUCT Initiative and the Carnegie Corporation of New […]

Virtual Kenya offers over a hundred free maps

The Virtual Kenya site offers a variety of spatial data displayed in Google Earth intended for the benefit of Kenyan citizens and educators. As the Google Earth blog notes: “Along with a variety of tutorials and their blog, they feature over 100 informational maps to give you easy access to their data.” Several Google Earth tours are also provided, […]

An archive by another name?

What is an archive? We use the word for so many different things that it’s worth taking a closer look: In many different contexts the term archive carries with it significant weight, the term often brings with it notions of longevity, safe keeping, order and concerns with authenticity, it’s about items or records that hang together […]