Archiving posts Google forced to obscure in EU countries

From Sophos Naked Security comes this July 16, 2014 article by Lisa Vaas titled: “‘Hidden from Google’ site remembers the pages Google’s forced to forget.

Composite image of Google and Hidden from Google logosSo European Union courts have forced Google to forget certain people’s irrelevant or outdated online histories.

Within days of the court order going into effect, EU citizens were mobbing Google with requests to have their pasts expunged, at the rate of 10,000 requests per day.

The backlog of requests had reached 50,000 as of a week ago, according to Chilling Effects.

But the buried pages haven’t technically been killed, nor have they been erased.

Regardless of what the directive is being called, courts technically didn’t grant Europeans the right to be forgotten. Rather, it gave them the right to be relatively obscured, by having eligible pages flagged so they don’t show up in search results.

The data is still out there. And now, a newly launched site is archiving the forcibly de-indexed pages, in the name of opening up to the internet as a whole the discussion regarding what should or should not be “forgotten.”

Researchers and archivists are faced with many new challenges and opportunities as digital primary source materials are collected and made available en masse.

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