ASAA conference workshop: Publishing book manuscripts

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African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA) conference workshop: Publishing Book Manuscripts: Editorial and author considerations

by Stephanie Kitchen

In Collaboration with the African Studies Association of Africa

23 October 2019 United States International University-Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

In collaboration with the African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA), this half-day workshop convened by Divine Fuh (CODESRIA) and Stephanie Kitchen (International African Institute) brings together publishers, editors and representatives of book series with both published and aspiring academic authors to reflect on their experiences of working on their manuscripts and those of their peers towards publication. It is conceived as an opportunity for early and mid-level career academics and publishers to meet and learn from one another in the interest of improving all our publications. Format: We will consider matters such as:

• How to get published/publish a book?

• How to prepare and revise a book proposal – for both monographs and edited volumes?

• How to identify a suitable series or publisher and to practically navigate the system?

• How to correspond with the publisher and/or series editors?

• How to prepare and revise a book manuscript: key considerations.

• How to approach scheduling and manuscript deadlines?

• What is the purpose of peer review and the role of series editors?

• How do editors and publishers manage and negotiate peer review?

• How are authors expected to response to peer reviewers and editors?

• How can we ensure and develop our peer review skills to support academic publishing practice?

• Are there (academic) disciplinary and ethical considerations in selecting a series or publisher?

• What national, regional and international considerations are at stake for authors when deciding how and where to publish their work?

• How are academic books valued in the academy and by research funders and assessors and how do they determine or influence publishing decisions?

• How as an author or publisher do you promote a book and ensure adequate distribution where the book is most relevant?

• Beyond the book, what other formats and platforms are important for disseminating important ideas and research – blogs, academic media and so forth. How can these be advanced and sustained?

Participation: Publishers and editors to be invited from the associated Plenary session and elsewhere. We will accommodate as many participants as possible in this session, which we would like to be relatively informal. Preference will be given to applicants residing in Kenya or those from elsewhere who are attending the ASAA conference. Submission process: Applicants should please write by 31 July 2019 a note about their interest in the workshop to Stephanie Kitchen,; managing editor, International African Institute; and Divine Fuh,; head of publications and dissemination, CODESRIA.

For more details about ASAA, see

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