UNESCO General History of Africa is now a free download

Please note: this link has changed–UNESCO’s new URL for the online books has been updated and leads to a new page.

The UNESCO General History of Africa eight volume set is now available as a free download from the organization website:

This groundbreaking work was the first of its type to present the entire history of the African continent. The collection sheds light on the pre-colonial era and interweaves Africa’s destiny with the rest of humanity’s, examining its interaction with other continents and the role of Africans in the dialogue between civilizations. The entire collection is currently published in eight volumes, but the revised site indicates that a new, ninth updated volume is now in preparation:

Individual volumes are available in multiple languages, including (variously) Arabic, Fulfulde, Hausa, Portuguese, Pulaar, and Swahili (see individual volumes for specific availability: Pulaar and Hausa are listed as “coming soon” for several volumes).


  1. Sharon Abramowitz · · Reply

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  5. Damian Adeiza Oyibo · · Reply

    UNESCO General History of Africa was like a series of Bible Books that my co students and I consulted in my undergraduate days at the Ahmadu Bello University Library called KIL. They were a delight for the serious student as their size were intimidating! UNESCO should be commended for the project and even more for making them a free download: the books are not easy to come by and yet remain a necessary text for a students and teachers of History, past present and for a long time to come.

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