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Purpose of copyright

@Repositorian: Copyright is about promoting public access to information — Peter Jaszi, Librarians Code Capstone Retreat #copyright #fairuse https://twitter.com/repositorian/status/315088317148438528 Jaszi is author of the 2011 book Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright with Patricia Aufderheide. From reviews on Amazon “Here, [Aufderheide and Jaszi] offer sound advice on users’ rights to copyrighted […]

Cory Doctorow on copyright and electronic media

From his presentation “A Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond” at the US Library of Congress: “Cory Doctorow discusses the challenges facing authors and cultural heritage institutions with the increasing use of electronic texts.” I just watched this hour long talk on video from October 17, 2012–a well-reasoned, passionately delivered, engaging argument for open access to creative works. […]

US Supreme Court Upholds Reselling of Foreign Books

March 19, 2013 Chronicle of Higher Education “In Win for Libraries Over Publishers, Supreme Court Upholds Reselling of Foreign Books” By Jennifer Howard If you’re the legal owner of a copy of a book or other work copyrighted under U.S. law, the Supreme Court says you have the right to resell or give it away, […]

Predatory publishing

Following up re: the Downside of Open Access Publishing is this entry from the bOING bOING blog: “Random House launches ebook imprint that’s run like a predatory vanity press” by Cory Doctorow today (Wed, Mar 6). Hydra‘s deal is much, much worse than the one you’ll get from a real DIY option like BookBaby or […]

Expanding access to the results of US government funded research

The US White House today directed federal agencies to develop open-access policies within the next six months. The directive on Public Access Articles and Data comes from John Holdren, President Obama’s chief Science Advisor. Read more: White House announcement and the Directive itself. See also: Official reaction from the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC). From a […]

Academic journal and open access publishing costs

Here’s an interesting and fruitful contribution from Christopher Kelty in the anthropology blog Savage minds: “How much does publishing really cost? The Long Answer.” It’s an opinion (and factual/informative essay) piece on academic journal publishing from a publisher in response to a recent Guardian article by the editor-in-chief of the journal Nature, Philip Campbell.

MLA Journals Adopt New Open-Access-Friendly Author Agreements

From the Modern Language Association blog (with thanks to Miriam of Ohio State U.): MLA Journals Adopt New Open-Access-Friendly Author Agreements The journals of the Modern Language Association, including PMLA, Profession, and the ADE and ADFL bulletins, have adopted new open-access-friendly author agreements, which will go into use with their next full issues. The revised […]