Elsevier should not provide free open access to retracted papers

In a recent interview published by Retraction Watch, Judit Bar-Ilan of Bar-Ilan University and Gali Halevi at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai report that many scholarly articles continue to be cited after retraction: “despite all the awareness efforts around this topic, retracted articles continue to be read and cited positively.” That’s the disturbing result of their research.

“We should all remember that an author’s h-index score does not distinguish between positive and negative citations.” The authors suggest that Elsevier should make only the retraction statements available via free open access (as COPE guidelines require), rather than allowing free open access to retracted articles as well.

We have to remember that there are institutions and countries who cannot afford to buy Elsevier content. These institutions rely on open access resources for their academic and scientific work. Therefore, Elsevier has to ensure that retracted articles are not easily accessible. These articles often represent erroneous research in forms of falsified data and findings. Elsevier should make them harder rather than easier to access.

Read more at Retraction Watch.

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