White rhino conservation in South Africa

Zoliswa “Zoe” Nhleko gave up a great job at home, enrolling in UF’s IFAS Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department http://www.wec.ufl.edu/about/overview.php to study what triggers White Rhinos infrequent but long migrations at Kruger National Park: https://spark.adobe.com/page/3eRsZis2x0YKx/

“They stay in an area for a long time, then seem to just pack up and move great distances before settling in new areas again,” she says. “I will be trying to tease out what triggers them, which individuals do these movements and whether they occur all year round or during certain seasons.”

“I’m hoping to get more girls interested in this sort of job so we can be the norm in that space. We also need more black people in higher and middle management, not just as rangers. I hope I can encourage that.”

Her stature as a role model got a major boost last year when the Johannesburg-based Mail & Guardian featured her as one 200 notable young South Africans, putting her work in front of mainstream audiences.

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