Fati Abubakar, Maiduguri’s portrait photographer

We had the pleasure of meeting Fati Abubakar yesterday in our library, with enough time to engage in conversation together with a colleague about the value of photography, the role of archival collections for historical scholarship, and a chance to look at some individual slides (marveling at the intensity that Kodachrome film continues to bring to decades-old images).

Her work on social media documenting the residents of her home town of Maiduguri, Nigeria has caught the attention of CNN and many other prominent journalism outlets: “Abubakar has made it her mission to document the lives of the people of Maiduguri, finding both deep trauma and steely resilience along the way. Her Instagram and Facebook series, “Bits of Borno,” explores the lives of those who have been touched by the unrest.”

The New York Times has recognized the impact of her work on Instagram: “Ms. Abubakar snaps portraits of vendors, refugees and students, posting them to Instagram at @bitsofborno with quotations or captions that describe them.”

The NPR blog Goats and Soda featured her story with the title, “Who’s The Woman With The Camera Chasing Smiles And Styles In Nigeria?

Locally, her work was exhibited at the Harn Museum of Art show, Aftermath: The Fallout of WarAmerica and the Middle East.

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