ASQ special issue: China-Africa Relations

The African Studies Quarterly announces publication of Vol. 16, nos. 3-4 available online ( This special issue guest-edited by Agnes Ngoma Leslie (University of Florida) focuses on the theme “China-Africa Relations: Political and Economic Engagement and Media Strategies.” It includes diverse perspectives on the topic including authors from Africa, China, Europe, and the US. The table of contents is listed below.

Readers are invited to peruse the Books for Review page on the ASQ website to see if there is a title you would like to review ( The editors  welcome the submission of papers for possible publication as well as your suggestion to others that they might wish to submit a paper for our consideration.


Volume 16, Issue 3-4 (December 2016)

Special Issue: China-Africa Relations: Political and Economic Engagement and Media Strategies

Guest Editor: Agnes Ngoma Leslie 


Introduction — China-Africa Relations: Political and Economic Engagement and Media Strategies Agnes Ngoma Leslie

Sino-optimism in Africa Seifudein Adem

China’s Peace and Security Strategies in Africa: Building Capacity is Building Peace? Lina Benabdallah

China and South Sudan’s Civil War, 2013-2015 Daniel Large

The Political Economy of Galamsey and Anti-Chinese Sentiment in Ghana Richard Aidoo

China-Democratic Republic of Congo Relations: From a Beneficial to a Developmental Cooperation Claude Kabemba

Zambia and China: Workers’ Protest, Civil Society, and the Role of Opposition Politics in Elevating State Engagement Agnes Ngoma Leslie

Does Chinese Employment Benefit Africans? Investigating Chinese Enterprises and their Operations in Africa Tang Xiaoyang

Chinese Traders In Kampala: Status, Challenges, and Impact on Ugandan Society Ward Warmerdam and Meine Pieter Van Dijk

The Image of Africa in China: The Emerging Role of Chinese Social Media Liangxing Li

The Dragon Shapes Its Image: A Study of Chinese Media Influence Strategies in Africa Michael Leslie


Plus Forty Book Reviews

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