Fire guts library at University of Jos

We are deeply saddened by news of a catastrophic loss at this Nigerian academic library (along with other university offices, computer labs, student records, and the electronic library). Exams have been postponed, according to news reports.

“There was a serious fire incident at the Library Complex, Naraguta Campus, University off [sic] Jos on Saturday 8th October, 2016.” — Aftermath Of The Fire Incident At University Of Jos Main Library Complex (

“The University of Jos (UNIJOS) library complex located at the permanent site at Naraguta Campus of the institution was on Saturday gutted by fire, destroying valuables and other academic materials in the process.” — Fire Guts University Of Jos Library, Faculty Building by Sosa Hills (Obiaks News).

“Vice Chancellor Prof. Sebastian Maimako, said two of the faculties’ complex, including e-library, students’ results and other vital documents were burnt down by the fire.” — University of Jos library burnt down by CHRISTIANA GOKYO, Jos (Conscience Triumph)

Hat tip to Marcia Tiede, Area Studies Cataloger (Africana) at Northwestern University Libraries (US) for alerting us to this tragic loss.

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