DR Congo province monographs and more

RMCA publications

Online publications

These on-line publications can be accessed and downloaded free of charge.

Currently four series are available online (digital series):

  1. Monographs of the DR Congo Provinces (Monographies des provinces de la République démocratique du Congo)
    This collection of 26 monographs is part of an ongoing project on the new provinces of the DR Congo.
  2. Documents on Social Sciences and Humanities
    Work of researchers, inventories and doctoral theses in Humanities or publications that were originally part of the “Annals of Human Sciences” collection and are currently out of print.
  3. Digital publications on Geology
    Works that in the past were available only as books in the RMCA series “Tervuren African Geosciences Collection” of the RMCA but out of stock.
  4. Zoological Documentation Online Series
    Since 2010, this series proposes work of researchers, inventories and doctoral theses in Zoology.

Readers will also find RMCA  annual reports in PDF format.

If you wish to obtain a printed and bound copy (in-house print-on-demand) of these books, please contact dirk.de.croes@africamuseum.be for a price quotation or to place an order.

More information : Isabelle Gerard

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