One health in Africa

The Editorial team of the African Conservation Telegraph (ACT), newsletter of the African section of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is delighted to announce readers from all over the world can submit entries for the next issue of ACT.

The theme for next month’s issue is “One Health in Africa”, a reflection concerning terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems with human health implications.  Hence, potential topics for contributions could be around, but not limited to, existing and likely movements of diseases among human, domestic animal, and wildlife populations in Africa.

Readers are highly encouraged to submit entries for “One Health in Africa” as soon as possible.

Kindly send papers, articles, notes or any prepared information if you feel motivated and have a good work you would like to share with our community.

Send a direct email to Murali Pai, editor, ACT ( or Israel Bionyi ( to submit your contributions.

Israel Bionyi
Assistant Editor, ACT at SCB

“Like” ACT on Facebook and follow the newsletter on twitter to stay abreast of conservation news in Africa and contribute to the conversation on biodiversity protection in Africa.

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