Heal Uganda’s oldest Library

Update: The Indiegogo campaign to “Heal Uganda’s oldest Library” raised $1,665 USD by 37 backers in 2 months and closed in December 2015. A second campaign is active now, with just over 3 weeks left at this point, again via Indiegogo to preserve the rare and unique book collections at the Uganda Society library. Organizers plan to install an air conditioner, repair damaged books, and digitize the collection. Please consider making your own donation to this important project!

The Uganda Society’s library is housed in one room of the Uganda National Museum. Started in the 1930s by a group of scholars, the collection is comprised of approximately 3,000 volumes, maps, periodicals and photographs, all pertaining to African history, culture, sociology, travel and science. The library holds first editions of works by early explorers like Livingstone and Stanley, which in auctions worldwide achieve high prices, but are kept to maintain the knowledge in our country, accessible for the Ugandan people. Almost one third of the books in the collection are rare books, either in the traditional sense or simply not otherwise available in public collections in Uganda. These are also the most often used books in the collection, along with the invaluable journals.

Become a member!

You can become a member of the Uganda Society (see: Application Form). Dues are accepted via PayPal to caroline.ruffing@googlemail.com.

Membership is open to anybody from any country interested in Uganda’s cultural diversity. We currently have around 5600 members worldwide. The society has an organ: The Uganda Journal (see archive) publishes multidisciplinary articles to its readers. It remains one of the most read journals in Uganda and has a worldwide reputation. Members of the society get a copy once it is published.


  1. Thank you Daniel for the work done promoting The Uganda Society Programs and also for digitizing The Uganda Journal .

    1. You’re doing important work! I’m happy to assist however I can.

  2. MUBALE EMMANUEL · · Reply

    How much is Permanent

    1. Please write to Wartson Atukwatse watsonkuema@gmail.com for this information.

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