Next Golden Baobab Prize Season Opens in 2016

Deborah Ahenkorah (video link, another video), a 2015 Grinnell Prize winner, founded Golden Baobab in 2008 in Accra to encourage the creation, production and distribution of high-quality, culturally relevant children’s literature by Africans for Africans. Golden Baobab is a non profit organization registered in Ghana.

From Golden Baobab Wednesday, 20 May 2015 (News):

2015 marks the 7th anniversary of the Golden Baobab Prizes and we are proud to celebrate the incredible triumph this prize has become in a very short time. To mark this milestone, we are re-vamping and improving the Golden Baobab Prizes as well as reviewing several exciting opportunities to deliver increased programming to support African writers and illustrators and to promote African children’s literature. The next season of the Golden Baobab Prizes for African Literature and Illustration will open in 2016. We are currently not accepting submissions for the literature or illustration prizes in 2015. Once the prizes open, we will present our new submission guidelines and all relevant details on our website and social media. In the meantime, don’t be strangers! Follow us and let’s chit-chat on our facebook and twitter @goldenbaobab.

FAQ for The Golden Baobab Prizes for Literature
FAQ for The Golden Baobab Prizes for Illustrations

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