Tracking matatu minibus transit in Kampala

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy posted a newsletter update last month on this interesting matatu (informal private transportation network) mapping project in Uganda:

The Kampala Mobility Map will improve way-finding around the city, allowing visitors, new residents and frequent matatu riders to better understand Kampala’s public transport network and plan their trips. With the data now in hand, ITDP will work to create a useful tool for passengers and transit planners alike.

In addition to gathering data on the itineraries of the matatu routes, ITDP and…Makerere University students carried out three surveys focused on the quantity of people using the system. The surveys collected data on the passenger volumes and demand on the major corridors in the city by evaluating how many passengers get on and off a matatu or bus at each stop along the route, how many vehicles operate on the major roads, how full each vehicle is, and how many passengers needed to transfer between routes during their commute.

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