Cataloging the Timbuktu Libraries

Crowd funding site T160k hosts a campaign to document 400,000 items in the Timbuktu (Mali) Libraries in exile. They helped to rescue and preserve these via Indiegogo and now are working to take their efforts to the next level:

In 2012, under threat from fundamentalist rebels, a team of archivists, librarians, and couriers evacuated an irreplaceable trove of manuscripts from Timbuktu at great personal risk [read more]. The story didn’t end there. In 2013, 1,257 funders chipped in on Indiegogo to save and preserve the libraries from the damp of their new environment in exile. Now we’re ready to help with the next step: cataloguing these ancient manuscripts so that they can be shared with the world.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: To support the urgent peace process in West and Central Africa, Abdel Kader Haidara is launching the project to catalog the manuscripts of Timbuktu as soon as possible! The first wave of cataloging will focus on materials that can directly enable dialogue and peace building! If you are supporter of this project, we will be contacting you immediately regarding this breaking update.

More on T160k: “This project is near to our heart, because in 2013, T160k was originally formed in the rescue of these manuscripts from Timbuktu. We ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, Timbuktu: Libraries in Exile, which helped raise the funds urgently needed to preserve these treasures from damp and mildew…”

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