Ebola Emergency Response Library for distribution on micro SD chip

We last posted about the inspiring and practical widernet project about a year ago. They’re still doing good work, and recently began promoting their Ebola Emergency Response Library.

As the linked page says,

While this collection will be available on the World Wide Web for those who have Internet access, the resources will be distributed on 32 GB chips for use in smartphones, tablets, and laptops in places that lack internet access. The chips can be freely copied so that the information spreads faster than the disease.

Version 1.0 will be delivered on November 13th, 2014, World Kindness Day.

You can help support this project by donating the use of your resources about Ebola treatment and prevention, hospital and staff training, logistics, comforting those who have lost family and friends, travel safety, and information for the general public.

That’s just cool in the humane, practical and innovative way that is widernet‘s stock in trade (just look at their endorsements)! More information can be found on the project page, including their contact, donate now support page, a list of topics sought for inclusion, and a FAQ.

Please consider supporting the project, which accepts volunteers, donations in kind of the chips (do you have any just sitting in a drawer?), and permissions to include health related materials for which you may have the copyright.

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