Academic job seekers’ free webinar is Dec. 17, 2014

Webinar Wednesday – December 17 at 2pm ET
Dr. Karen Kelsky is the founder and principal of The Professor Is In, a blog and business dedicated to helping Ph.D.s turn their advanced degrees into jobs. Dr. Karen demystifies the unspoken rules that govern university hiring. In addition to blogging on every aspect of the job market, from building a competitive record and planning a publishing trajectory, to writing job applications, interviewing, and negotiating an offer, Dr. Karen works directly with clients on their individual job searches.

The webinar is complimentary, registration is required.

Announced in AAA Member News <>

Quoting from The Professor Is In blog, (“Why Trust Me” page):

I am furious that the professoriate so shamelessly and unapologetically neglects its duties to train Ph.D.s for actual jobs.  I am furious that academics put their egos first—by admitting huge numbers of new Ph.D. advisees each year–and the students’ welfare second.  I’m outraged that faculty know perfectly well that their students can’t even hope for a tenure track job without an epic record of grants, refereed publications, and conference presentations, but all too often rarely lift a finger to help them accomplish these.  I’m disgusted that faculty are so invested in preserving the illusion that their work is a “higher calling” that is “above” the concerns of filthy lucre, that they cannot acknowledge their own students as potential members of a labor force. Because doing so would destroy their illusion about themselves.  This is what Thomas Benton/William Pannapacker called “The Big Lie of the Life of the Mind” in his now-famous Chronicle of Higher Education essay that finally blew the lid off of the shameful ethics of graduate education.

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