WiderNet delivers 700th eGranary library in developing world

From the WiderNet Project newsletter:

The WiderNet Project recently sold its 700th eGranary Digital Library. The libraries, which contain over 32 million resources, have been delivered to communities and institutions in over 40 countries across the developing world.  The lucky #700 was purchased by the non-profit organization TechAide in Ghana.

The project addresses poor internet connectivity in (for example) schools and universities where a local network can distribute selected scholarly information with speed and reliability. Updates are shipped on donated hard disk drives, which can be exchanged by network managers at low cost.

They’ve been around quite a while (formerly at University of Iowa), and personally I think they’re doing great work. Here’s how they introduce themselves:

The WiderNet Project is a nonprofit organization, affiliated with WiderNet@UNC at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, that is dedicated to improving digital communications to all communities and individuals around the world.

We provide resources, coaching, training, computers and educational materials to schools, clinics, libraries and homes with poor digital communication resources.

We also develop and distribute the eGranary Digital Library, a plug-and-play server that provides instant access to millions of digital documents without the need of a connection to the Internet.

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  1. […] last posted about the inspiring and practical widernet project about a year ago. They’re still doing good work, and recently began promoting their Ebola Emergency Response […]

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