Kongo Across the Waters: conference announcement

Kongo Atlantic Dialogues: Kongo culture in Central Africa and in the Americas

Preliminary program schedule is available for the 2014 Gwendolen M. Carter Conference here.

Presented by the Center for African Studies, University of Florida. Hosted by the Harn Museum of Art.

The symposium will focus on the artistic and cultural  legacy of Bakongo in Africa and their impact in North America, the Caribbean  and Brazil. Panelists will include scholars working in the disciplines of art  history, history, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, religion and  linguistics, and contemporary artists whose work is inspired by Kongo art,  beliefs and practices will participate in a roundtable. Participating scholars  will cover a broad range of topics, addressing the contexts of visual and  performative arts of the ancient Kongo Kingdom, later permutations of Kongo  systems, trans-Atlantic cultural exchanges and creolization, and the  continuation of Kongo influence in contemporary artistic practice.

Congo map

Tabvla geograregni Congo 1598

More on Gwendolen M. Carter is available here. The contemporary map above, Tabvla geograregni Congo (1598), is included in the Kongo Across the Waters exhibit from the George A. Smathers Libraries and is available online in the UF Digital Collections.

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