Open Access Button Info Sheet

A student volunteer project to interactively map who is denied access to research resources in real time. The aim is to help researchers gain access to the requested material or similar research.

Open Access Button

A Student Initiative to Put Denied Access to Research on the Map

What is the button?
♦ A browser based tool that can map who is denied access to research
♦ The button creates a real time, worldwide, interactive picture of the problem. Using social media will make this problem visible to the world. Lastly, we help the person gain access to the research they have been denied access to or similar research.

The story so far
♦ Two students wanted to engage with the scholarly publishing system that we will inherit
♦ Developed by a volunteer team of programmers and designers
♦ Launched at Berlin 11 Student and Early Stage Researcher Conference
♦ The button received coverage in the news, on blogs, and on social media. Highlights include coverage in The Guardian, the  Creative Commons blog, and 500+ people were tweeting positively about the button.

The future…

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