Databib directory of research data

Databib is a searchable directory or “tool for helping people identify and locate online repositories of research data. Users and bibliographers create and curate records that describe data repositories that users can search.” I just learned of it this week from a presentation by Megan Sapp Nelson, Associate Professor of Library Sciences at Purdue University (her Supporting Information for Data Services guide is also a great resource). Note that searching for “Africa” doesn’t bring up all entries for the continent, such as: Kenya Open Data.

I found the following resources with a quick search for Africa:

DataFirst: primarily contains unit record data from survey research, specifically of South Africa and…

South African Earth Observation Network (SAEON): The SAEON Data Portal and Meta-Data Clearinghouse is a long-term archive for environmental datasets….

The International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) research focuses on climate, environm…

Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies offers longitudinal datasets from a rural demographic in KwaZulu-Natal, South Afri…

South African Data Archive (SADA): serves as a broker between data providers (such as, statistica…

Center for Tropical Forest Science. The CTFS is a global network of forest research plots and scientists dedicated to the study of tropi…

AidData contains information about international economic development assistance, dating back to 194… The database is a web-accessible secure repository for forest plot inventories in South America, Afr…

It would be worth searching for relevant topics and countries that this search didn’t find if you’re looking for available data sets for your research.

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  1. Have a look at another directory: (registry of research data repositories); not much on Africa, however, it hints to “West African Vegetation” and “Australian Data Archive” with something on African languages and cultures.

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