UC Academic Senate adopts open access policy

The Academic Senate representing the 10 campuses of the statewide University of California system announced the adoption of an Open Access policy for faculty research publications on July 24, 2013. This is an important development because it continues the momentum of such policies and (as this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education points out) because of the size of these institutions overall:

The policy covers more than 8,000 UC faculty and as many as 40,000 publications a year. By granting a license to the University of California prior to any contractual arrangement with publishers, faculty members can now make their research widely and publicly available, re-use it for various purposes, or modify it for future research publications.

As this Atlantic article argues, while the Open Access movement improves direct access to research scholarly works, importantly it also indirectly improves what is available to general use and public sites such as Wikipedia.

Opinions vary on how to implement Open Access policies, so it is important to know that individual faculty can choose to publish without opting for Open Access under the UC policy. Some argue it is too lenient.


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