Open-Access Movement Makes Inroads Beyond Science

As usual, this Jennifer Howard article is a great read, but unfortunately it’s behind the Chronicle paywall (open only to individual or institutional subscribers): “Open-Access Movement Makes Inroads Beyond Science.”

Much of the article is based on her interview with Rupert Gatti, “an economist who’s a fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, and one of Open Book‘s founders and directors.”

One of their most popular titles is Oral Literature in Africa by Ruth Finnegan, which the publisher brought back into print with the help of, a kind of Kickstarter that supports free e-books.

Mr. Gatti sees open-access publishing as “only a small piece in the bigger picture of digital dissemination” of all kinds of scholarship, part of a new environment in which authors can interact with readers before and after publication, and primary sources can be directly integrated into monographs. “Open access is only a piece of that,” he said. “But if you don’t have open access you cut off the extraordinary potential to engage with the wider community.” [Enphasis added!]

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