David Henige Festschrift available as open access

The Power of Doubt: Essays in Honor of David Henige. Landau, Paul S. (ed.). (Madison, WI: Parallel Press, 2011).

This volume consists of the nine essays by leading Africanist historians and
up-and-coming scholars, revolving around questions of methodology, fieldwork,
oral history, textual and photographic archives, and proof in Africanist

It includes the covers, and is fully searchable. For guide to the contents, as
well as an overiew of David Henige’s career scholarship, and a please see the
introdution by the editor.

Note: This is NOT the Festschrift independently prepared and published under
the History in Africa (journal) title, but is an independent publication of
Parallel Press (Madison, Wisconsin), 2011. It consists of entirely new


“How do you know?’: an introduction to David Henige, Landau, Paul S. pp. 3-[18]
Hidden transfers: Luso-Africans as European explorers’ experts in nineteenth-century west-central Africa, Heintze, Beatrix pp. 19-40
Violence and its sources: European witnesses to the military revolution in nineteenth-century eastern Africa, Reid, Richard pp. 41-[60]
The osmosis of the gazes: anthropologists and historians through the prism of field work, Diawara, Mamadou pp. 61-[88]
Promiscuous translation: working the word at Antananarivo, Larson, Pier M. pp. 89-[112]
Portraits of Akan and Cameroonian grassfield kings and chiefs in the Basel Mission Archive, Jenkins, Paul pp. 113-146
“I often shed my tears about this”: “freed” slave children and “apprenticeship” in colonial Ghana, ca. 1890 to ca. 1930, Akurang-Parry, Kwabena O. pp. 147-[170]
Historical tradition and the situational deployment of story, Mirzeler, Mustafa Kemal pp. 171-[194]
Modern oral tradition and the historic kingdom of Kongo, Thornton, John pp. 195-[208]
Shaka’s military expeditions: survival and mortality from Shaka’s impis, Eldredge, Elizabeth A. pp. 209-[240]
Bibliography, pp. 241-263
Appendix: David Henige’s publications, pp. 264-281

As announced by the editor on H-Net Africa.
Print copies are available from the publisher and at www.amazon.com (ISBN 978-1934795309).

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