Soil atlas of Africa

From the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre: “At the African Union and European Union Commission College meeting in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (April 25-26, 2013) the Atlas was introduced by EU Commissioner Hedegaard (Climate Action) on behalf of the European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.”

A pdf of the atlas is available to download from the Soil Action Web Site. You are invited to download all the 3 parts as the total size of the Atlas is more than 500 MB.

  • Part 1 Pages 1-78, Size: 254MB
  • Part 2 Pages 79-128, Size: 95MB
  • Part 3 Pages 129 – 176, Size: 175MB

Soil map
From Soil atlas of Africa:

…soil as a topic tends not to feature in the minds of the public or politicians. However, some soil scientists and policy makers are becoming increasingly aware of a greater need to inform and educate the general public, policy makers, land managers and other scientists of the importance and global significance of soil. This is particularly true of the soils in Africa where the dramatic consequences of the failure to use soil sustainably have led to desertification, famine, civil unrest, economic collapse and human suffering, often on astonishingly large scales.

It is in these contexts that the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre initiated a project, in collaboration with the African Union and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, to bring together soil experts from Europe and Africa to produce the first ever SOIL ATLAS OF AFRICA. The goal was to produce a publication, aimed at the general public, decision makers, politicians, teachers and even scientists in other disciplines, that raises awareness of the significance of soil to human existence in Africa.

For more, see: Appiah, Bernard. 2013. “Africa’s soil diversity mapped for the first time.” Guardian (23 May).

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