Journal of Library Administration editorial board resigns

Journal’s Editorial Board Resigns in Protest of Publisher’s Policy Toward Authors
March 26, 2013
By Jake New

The editor and the entire editorial board of the Journal of Library Administration have resigned in response to a conflict with the journal’s publisher over an author agreement that they say is “too restrictive and out of step with the expectations of authors.”

The licensing terms set by the publisher, Taylor & Francis Group, were scaring away potential authors, the editor who resigned, Damon Jaggars, told The Chronicle.

Over the past six weeks, Mr. Jaggars said, he and the editorial board had been in discussions with Taylor & Francis about changing the terms. In the end, the publisher did offer a less-restrictive license, he said, but the new terms would require authors to pay a fee of nearly $3,000 to have an article appear in the journal. “That really is not an option for librarians and researchers in this field,” Mr. Jaggars said.

Read more at the Chronicle‘s Wired Campus blog.

One comment

  1. We are concerned to address misunderstandings in relation to our author rights policies that have arisen in the commentaries around the resignation of the Editor and Board of the Journal of Library Administration (JLA).

    The resignation of the JLA Editor and Board is regrettable as we had high hopes for the Editorship of Damon Jaggers, and it is disappointing to see it conclude so abruptly after only twelve weeks. The circumstances around this have highlighted the complexities of the current arena. This is characterized by a range of Open Access models, alongside a range of licences, in the quest to meet the different requirements being set by various funding bodies around the world.

    Journal of Library Administration authors have the most generous “Green OA” route option available, since journals in our Library & Information Science (LIS) portfolio do not have to pay an Author Publishing Charge (APC) in order to achieve full OA from the point of publication. Under our LIS pilot program authors can freely post their (“post-print”) manuscript immediately on publication – ie without any embargo. For a complete explanation of our current LIS Author Rights Policy, please visit the following link:

    There is no requirement for JLA authors to pay an APC in order to publish in the JLA or to get immediate full-text Open Access of their articles. Taylor & Francis’ APC paid OA model, T&F Open Select, has been implemented as an option for authors to comply with the recent RCUK and Wellcome Trust mandate on those journals where there is an embargo period on author accepted version posting in a repository:

    Click to access RCUKOpenAccessPolicyandRevisedguidance.pdf

    Taylor & Francis publish more than 600 journals on behalf of learned societies around the world, including 68 ANZ-edited journals. In our recent author survey conducted to more than 2,700 academics in Australasia, 75% of respondents ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ with the statement that Taylor & Francis are “supportive of the academic and research community in Australasia”.

    In the last two years more than 200 journals have chosen to join the T&F fold globally, and a recent editorial by Joost Fontein for Critical African Studies, a journal previously published under an institution-funded free open access model, provides excellent background on the reasons for their move to Taylor & Francis:

    Click to access RCAF-sampler-editorial.pdf

    We have a range of licences designed to meet author and funder needs. T&F regularly reviews author documents, and since late last year we have been working on new versions for release. These versions will provide greater choice and more immediate clarity to our authors about the rights they retain.

    Above all, in our work with editors, learned societies, libraries, funding bodies and thousands of individual authors worldwide, we take a flexible and collaborative approach, seeking to provide the greatest choice, whilst working to ensure we publish quality journals that are sustainable for Taylor & Francis and our publishing partners.

    Gerald Dorey, Publisher Routledge African Studies journals
    Janet Remmington, Regional Director, Taylor & Francis Journals, Africa

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