Review of African Political Economy supports Open Access

The Open Access statement from the Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) published March 12, 2013 on the H-Africa list via Humanities and Social Sciences Net Online (H-Net) discussion network concludes:

ROAPE has…determined that, for the time being, it will not support gold or other OA initiatives currently being launched by its publisher Taylor & Francis and other academic publishers. ROAPE will join other Africanist journals, the African Studies Association of the UK and other allied organisations to promote egalitarian access for both readers and researchers, and to reject the iniquitous gold model of OA, which threatens to commodify intellectual activity and to sow divisions between African and western researchers engaged in the common goal of understanding and critically analysing society and political economy.

Their “Yes to egalitarian ‘open access’, no to ‘pay to publish’” is more good news on Open Access for African Studies scholarly resources!

For ROAPE and other African studies journals, a primary concern is to ensure accessibility for both readers and researchers on the continent. Whilst we welcome efforts by publishers to introduce ‘fee waivers’ for non-western researchers, the very need for such a scheme demonstrates that gold-based OA will increase existing inequalities between resource-poor African researchers and their western counterparts, divisions which we are committed to overcome. We will reject any form of OA which does not ensure equal access to all researchers, wherever they are based.

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