Digitisation of St Helena Archives

Digitisation of St Helena Archives: Progress Report

The long term ambition is to digitise every book and record in the Archives, so a major bid under the EAP [British Library Endangered Archives Programme] will be submitted in February 2013. If successful, the bid will enable all pre-1900 artefacts to be digitised and provide modern and dedicated storage for these vital records.

…“The end result will be a durable record that can be accessed by tourists and academics alike at both the Archives and Research Centre at the Museum. It tells the fascinating St Helena story from the earliest days.”

Source: Merle Martin, South African Saint Helenian Heritage Association

Recent archaeological work has found extensive gravesites of West Africans taken from slave ships to St. Helena by the British Royal Navy following the abolition of the slave trade in 1807. See: Pearson, Andrew, Ben Jeffs, Annsofie Witkin and Helen MacQuarrie. 2011. Infernal traffic: Excavation of a liberated African graveyard in Rupert’s Valley, St. Helena. CBA research report 169. York, UK: Council for British Archeology. ISBN 9781902771892.

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