UFDC celebrates 100 million views

The University of Florida Digital Collections (http://ufdc.ufl.edu/) site recently served its one-hundred millionth view. The freely available SobekCM software that runs our open access digital library site has just reached its seventh birthday and has also passed 100M views for all the host sites it supports. Read more here.

The African Studies Collections at UFDC surpassed one million views last month (1,075,883). Usage has steadily grown to a rate of over 50,000 monthly views this year. In the world of scholarly and educational information services, it’s not about big numbers. I’ve worked proudly with several esoteric collections that I never imagined would attract more than a few hundred unique visitors at most because I believe in their scholarly value. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that the French language Jean-Marie Derscheid Collection on Rwanda and Eastern Congo has attracted over 1,200 unique visitors and a total of 50,545 page views since it was loaded just two years ago.

We’re celebrating these milestones today. Congratulations to all our partners, scholars, patrons, and users who contributed to this. Thanks and congratulations to Mark Sullivan and his team with the UF Libraries, and thanks and congratulations to the George A. Smathers Libraries. Happy Birthday SobekCM, congratulations to all who benefit, and thanks to all who contribute to this ongoing success!

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