Predatory publishing

Following up re: the Downside of Open Access Publishing is this entry from the bOING bOING blog: “Random House launches ebook imprint that’s run like a predatory vanity press” by today (Wed, Mar 6).

Hydra‘s deal is much, much worse than the one you’ll get from a real DIY option like BookBaby or CreateSpace or Lulu, where you only pay for services you want, keep 100% of your profits, and assign no rights at all to the “publisher.” It’s got all the downsides of a DIY press, and all the downsides of a traditional press, and the upsides of neither.

It’s worthwhile picking a publisher very carefully! Take a look at Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2013 (December 4, 2012).

Update: The Random House contract terms have since been significantly modified for Hydra.

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  1. […] have recently posted about the practice of predatory publishing, sometimes called the “dark side of open access.” Both our earlier post and the […]

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