Mellen drops lawsuit against McMaster librarian

Mellen Presss has dropped its lawsuit against a McMaster University librarian, according to a CBC blog:

A U.S.-based publishing company says it is dropping at least one of its lawsuits against a McMaster librarian after scholars across North America came to his defense.

Edwin Mellen Press (EMP) had filed two lawsuits against Dale Askey and McMaster University, claiming a total of $4.5 million in damages.

Good news!

More at The Chronicle’s Wired Campus blog.

The blog (by Cory Ruf, CBC News Posted on Mar 4, 2013) adds: “In a statement, the company added: ‘financial pressure of the social media campaign and press on authors is severe. EMP is a small company. Therefore [it] must choose to focus its resources on its business and serving its authors.'”

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  1. […] The publishing house in question is the Edwin Mellen Press. Readers of this blog (Feb. 8 and March 4) may recall that Richardson has actively litigated against librarians and others who […]

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