Open Library of Humanities

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

January 29, 2013
Project Aims to Bring PLoS-Style Openness to the Humanities
By Jennifer Howard

Several recent publishing ventures and platforms, including the Open Humanities Press and Anvil Academic, are investigating how to bring more open-access journals and monographs online. A brand-spanking-new nonprofit organization, called the Open Library of Humanities, aims to create a humanities-and-social-sciences version of the successful Public Library of Science, or PLoS, which in the past decade has established itself as a major presence in open-access, peer-reviewed scientific publishing. Like PLoS, the Open Library of Humanities, or OLH, will be peer-reviewed.

The article continues: “Right now, the Open Library of Humanities is mostly a dream and a Web site, which went live only a week ago. ‘At this moment, we’re a project,’ Ms. Edwards says. ‘We’ve got a loose organizational structure.'”

The site notes that a conference on Open Access monographs in the Humanities and Social Sciences is planned for July at the British Library in London.

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