Obi’s Nightmare: Kickstarter funded comic is critical of Equatorial Guinea’s president

EG Justice is collaborating with Ramon Esono and a group of artists and social activists in Equatorial Guinea to produce and disseminate their first graphic novel, a sharp and witty social critique of a regime that continues to kidnap, torture, and assassinate its critics. The text of the graphic novel has been completed and Ramon is now busy completing the artwork.”


Obi’s Nightmare (La Pesadilla de Obi) is about Teodoro “Obi” Obiang, real life President of the resource-rich West-Central African country of Equatorial Guinea. In the graphic novel, artist Ramon Esono (also known as Jamón y Queso) and his collaborators ask what would be the worst nightmare of the rich, powerful, and corrupt leader of a poor, struggling African population? Becoming an ordinary citizen of his own country, of course! Hilarity and tragedy ensues as Obi navigates the education, health, and prison systems he created in Equatorial Guinea.”

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